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2023 Troubleshooting Skills Competition VI

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What is NAPTA's Troubleshooting Skills Competition?

The North American Process Technology Alliance’s Troubleshooting Skills Competition (TSC) was created as a venue for advanced Process Technology students to demonstrate hands-on skills in real-time process problem solving.

Troubleshooting skills are necessary for developing a highly competent petrochemical workforce in the U.S., maintaining consistent high-quality production, and contributing to the security, safety, and regulatory compliance of our facilities.

This signature event pits the best student teams from educational institutions across the country in a competition for the title “NAPTA Troubleshooting Champions”.

Troubleshooting materials in the form of an Instructor Lesson Plan and a Student Learning Plan are available here. Designed to be used in the classroom, these materials are downloadable and free-of-charge. Some are simulator-based, others are paper-based for use in classroom troubleshooting exercises.

Please contact Martha McKinley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 903-452-8511 with any questions.


The Value of TSC for Educators and Industry

Enhanced problem-solving/troubleshooting skills help with student understanding of the process, help them to be safer employees, and helps them to be better team players. All these traits are high on the list for employers in their search for entry level employees.



"This is the epitome of what a workforce development event needs to be for industry. These are the best and brightest that are eventually going to get jobs in this important industry that contributes so much the nation's economy to everyone's daily lives."

- Adam Ali, Manager of Workforce Development, American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM)

"This competition is definitely an opportunity for these students to allow their competitive juices to flow and to really see how serious it is to be behind a console and operate billions of dollars of equipment efficiently and safely. If they're able to sharpen their troubleshooting skills, we believe that it also will help create a safer environment."

- David Esquibel, Workforce Development Advisor, Shell, NAPTA Board of Directors

“If anything, [TSC] let me know where I'm actually at. Sometimes when you're in school, you hear about things that go on in the plants, you’re like ‘Whoa, am I actually going to be ready for that?’ I feel like coming here and competing with other schools lets me know that, yes I am, I do have an understanding of what's going on.”

- Stanley Gibbs, Student, ITI Technical College 


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