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  • Involvement in an organization that sets the standard for Process Technician Education
  • Access to top community colleges with cutting-edge technology and facilities that support the development of top talent and the incumbent worker.
  • Brand recognition and career opportunities through website presence and Alliance event participation
  • Provide college faculty and students with industry perspectives
  • Registration discounts for our annual Instructor Skills Conference
  • Process Technology scholarship links on the NAPTA website
  • Top Talent ccess and Recruitment Opportunities at our National Troubleshooting Competition
  • Networking and Best-Practice sharing


  • National recognition of program excellence through the NAPTA endorsement program
  • Networking with schools from across the country
  • Networking with industry members
  • Registration discounts and scholarships for the annual Instructor Skills Conference
  • Participation in our National Troubleshooting Competition


  • Networking opportunities through semi-annual meetings and Alliance activities
  • Participation in standing committees, providing vendor input into Alliance initiatives
  • Exclusive privileges at the annual national conference
  • Listing on NAPTA website and promotion through social media

NAPTA Membership


Site Memberships
  • Sites with fewer than 500 total employees* — $1,250 per year
  • Sites with more than 500 total employees* — $1,750 per year

*Employee count is not restricted to operations but includes all company employees at the site

Corporate Memberships
  • Sites in North America (Total headcount fewer than 8,000) — $3,500 per year
  • Sites in North America (Total headcount 8,000 or higher) — $6,000 per year


  • College Membership — $1,000 per year
  • High School Membership — Free


  • Vendor Membership — $1,250 per year

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Annual membership rates are available on the NAPTA website: Become a Member - NAPTA Online

Membership includes an expectation of participation. We look forward to working with you to advance the mission of NAPTA.


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