College Endorsement Requirements

Endorsement Committee Co-Chairs

  • Dorothy Ortego — Industry Co-Chair – LyondellBasell
  • Jeff Laube — Education Co-Chair – Kenai Peninsula College

Endorsement Committee E-mail:


Every endorsed member college is providing the core NAPTA process technology courses that meet or exceed the standards adopted by the NAPTA as evidenced by audits prescribed by the NAPTA.


This committee will conduct audits to evaluate process technology programs that seek endorsement as well as existing endorsed programs to ensure compliance with established NAPTA standards.

A college seeking endorsement from the NAPTA must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a college member of NAPTA in good standing (subscription is current)
  2. Teach the learning objectives and outcomes of the Eight Core NAPTA Courses:
  • Introduction to Process Technology
  • Process Equipment
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Process Quality
  • Process Systems
  • Process Operations
  • Safety, Health, and Environment
  • Process Troubleshooting

NAPTA Curriculum – Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Each college must establish an active industry-based advisory committee that provides input to the school’s program. The committee must be industry-led and/or meet state or accrediting body requirements for advisory committees.
  2. Conduct at least two (2) advisory committee meetings each calendar year.
  3. Approved meeting minutes must be available to NAPTA upon request and will be reviewed as part of the Audit.
  4. The college must notify NAPTA to request to schedule an audit of their program. The request must be via email to the NAPTA office and include the audit tool with shaded sections completed. (See the link below for the audit tool).
  5. The on-site audit event should be attended by members of the college’s advisory committee, faculty, and NAPTA Auditor(s).

College Requirements for maintaining endorsement

  • Continue to follow requirements of the initial endorsement process.
  • NOTE: A college must maintain membership in good standing. If a college membership subscription is not current, the endorsed status will be revoked.
  • All endorsed colleges must be audited every three years. The college is required to request an audit of their program by notifying NAPTA six months prior to the three year anniversary date of their previous audit. This request must be via email to the NAPTA office and include the audit tool with shaded sections completed.
  • The college must provide evidence of addressing the previous audit’s finding(s) and recommendation(s) as part of the current audit.

Effective Date and Length of Endorsement

A college will become “Endorsed” after all proper documentation has been submitted and reviewed by the Endorsement Committee.

Endorsement of a college will be for a three-year period. As long as the above-listed requirements are being met, the endorsement will be renewed annually.

Theses are the documents to prepare for your audit: