Unqualified Workers Cost You Money

PTEC Graduates Make You Money

Profitability is becoming harder and harder for the manufacturing industry. High natural gas prices and downturns in the economy have shrunken already narrow profit margins. But there´s one profit center many companies overlook – their employees. The North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) wants to show you how PTEC™ graduates can significantly impact your bottom line.

A recent API study analyzed all the factors that affect a plant´s efficiency. According to the study, human error had the highest bottom-line impact on asset utilization. An American Chemical Society study concluded that when plants hire qualified, trained workers, such as PTEC graduates, companies reaped an average savings of $16,000 for every new hire made.

PTEC Graduates Impact the Bottom Line

Before They Walk In the Door

It is not unusual for a company to generate 2000 applications to find 200 qualified candidates for 40 job openings. Hiring PTEC graduates could cut those numbers to 500 applicants. Hiring PTEC graduates can decrease employee-selection costs by 40 percent.

But It´s Now or Never... Well Pretty Soon

The average age of a process technology operator is 50, which means as many as half of all process operators could retire in the next five to ten years. The problem is that there are not enough trained workers available to replace the retirees. We need your support to assure that the supply of PTEC graduates will meet demand.

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