Revalidated and ready-to-roll!  PTEX-CR has been revalidated and enhanced by a diverse team of industry and educational experts to ensure continued value in learning confirmation.

The PTEX-CR exam is used as a standard for applied process technology knowledge.

The Process Technology Exam (PTEX) was developed with input from industry and educational organizations on a national level. Together, these subject-matter experts identified standardized topics and objectives for the process technology program from which the curriculum and related products were developed. The PTEX exam is widely used among community college students as a standard for applied process technology knowledge. The topics covered include equipment, instrumentation, systems, safety, operations, and quality. The questions are all multiple choice. Some refer to related graphics and process flows. And the level of difficulty of the questions ranges from beginner to intermediate.

As a composite assessment over PTEC courses, the exam can be used to measure aptitude in common knowledge areas both at the individual and aggregate levels. Use the PTEX-CR Blueprint to learn what the exam targets. The subject areas covered in the test include:

  1. Control Separation Systems
  2. Chemical Materials Handling and Storage
  3. Heat Exchange Systems
  4. Reaction Systems
  5. Separation Systems
  6. Utility Systems
  7. Waste Treatment/Destruction Systems
  8. Maintenance of Safe & Healthy Work Environment
  9. Troubleshooting Abnormal Processes & Equipment Malfunctions

How to Get Started

The PTEX exam is $90 per student for each use for member organizations and $120 for non-members. After your order is placed, the test is administered on-site at your facility through a formal test hosting company.

The process to use the exam involves setting up a site Testing Agreement to become an authorized site for administering the test. Carefully complete all required information on the form and scan/email the completed form to You will then be contacted with further details about registering students and accessing the test.

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