Troubleshooting Skills Competition Committee

Committee/Event Coordinator

  • Martha McKinley

Troubleshooting Skills Competition Committee E-mail:


To provide a real-world format that all PTEC students participate in as one of the capstone events to culminate the Process Technology program’s advanced courses.


To increase participation in the NAPTA Troubleshooting Skills Competition by making it the standard bearer event as a measure of the student’s problem-solving capability.


  • Meet the advanced students’ need for a format to practice problem-solving skills.
  • Grow and sustain participation in the event to reflect all member colleges.
  • Provide resources and curriculum support to assist team coaches and team members.
  • Grow the exercise complexity to ensure the bar is continually raised to maintain interest and participation in the event.
  • Provide diversity of exercise options to ensure the students are exposed to real world situations.
  • Encourage diversity of team members.
  • Provide industry members exposure to advanced PTEC students and to the event format.
  • Provide career workshops as a part of the standard event.
  • To help enhance the students’ resume for personal growth, job opportunities, and prospective employment.