NAPTA Policies and Guidelines

Meeting Policy

The following policy shall be followed in conducting meetings of the North American Process Technology Alliance. This is not an exhaustive list of every possible subject to be avoided, therefore, in the event you have doubts about the propriety of any matter to be discussed in a meeting, please check with your organization´s legal counsel. Generally, the antitrust laws proscribe unlawful combinations or agreements. Sometimes "agreements" may be inferred from conduct. The NAPTA wants to avoid even the appearance of impropriety and this is the spirit of these guidelines. Your cooperation is appreciated.

  1. Do not discuss the prices of goods or services of any industry member.
  2. Do not disparage the goods or services of any particular company or companies.
  3. Do not urge or counsel that participating companies engage in any concerted activity to accomplish any unlawful purpose, as for example, boycotting any company or coercing a company to take some desired action.
  4. Do not discuss matters which may be trade secrets or confidential to any company. For example, do not engage in "off the record" comments or state matters "not to be repeated out of this room".
  5. Do not propose secret or "rump" sessions after the official meeting is adjourned to discuss matters that cannot lawfully be discussed at the official meeting.
  6. Do not recommend or sponsor the gathering of statistical data, the publishing of standards, or doing joint research without approval of the North American Process Technology Alliance.

The Alliance thanks you for heeding these guidelines. We also appreciate your willingness to be an important part of the support we provide to our industry and educational partners.

Use of NAPTA Name and/or Logo When Applying for Grants

Use of the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) name and/or logo is strictly prohibited without written consent from the NAPTA President or Executive Administrator. This includes grant applications in which the NAPTA is named in any manner. The NAPTA Executive Committee shall review any request for partnership, determine if the best interest of the NAPTA will be served by the grant application, and recommend issuance of consent where appropriate.

Other NAPTA Policies