NAPTA Annual Meetings

Each year NAPTA holds two General Meetings in order for members and interested parties to learn about what we do, and have a chance to share what our members are doing through networking and group discussions.

Our General Meetings are typically scheduled in February and July, and are held at locations convenient to the majority of our members in either Texas or Louisiana.  Both meetings are also virtually accessible via MS Teams.

In addition to these two meetings, NAPTA also holds an annual "Visions" meeting on the day before the Summer General Meeting which brings together the members of our five standing committees for a full day of strategizing and planning their respective goals and inititives for the coming annual cycle.

For more information about NAPTA's meetings please contact Eric Newby, NAPTA Executive Director at: 409-658-5892 -OR- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.