Events Committee Co-Chairs

  • Dennis Link - Education Co-Chair - College of the Mainland
  • Curtis Briggs - Industry Co-Chair - INEOS

Events Committee E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NAPTA events are seen as value-added, timely and relevant to member and participant needs.


It is the mission of the Event Planning Committee to plan, prepare, and execute training conferences that provide value to members and prospective members of the NAPTA.


  • Perform the training conference planning function of the NAPTA Executive Committee according to established guidelines
  • Plan and deliver successful training conferences that meet the needs of the NAPTA membership and prospective members
  • Promote the training conferences to the NAPTA membership and prospective members
  • Recruit the NAPTA membership and prospective members to assist in delivering quality event content: workshop presentations, discussion groups, speakers, and other professional and program growth opportunities
  • Manage the cost of training conferences to break even financially or add revenue to the NAPTA
  • Increase attendance at NAPTA training conferences each year by continuously improving the value of the experience for the participants/attendees
  • Expand access to NAPTA training conferences by delivering conferences in venues outside the Gulf Coast, as directed/approved by the NAPTA Executive Committee