Board of Directors

Mike Lopez 2021Mike Lopez - Manufacturing Excellence Coordinator - Indorama Ventures LLC

Throughout his career, Mike Lopez has always advanced into positions with increased responsibilities mostly being in leadership roles. After excelling in his craft as a process operator, he was assigned the task of training new operators as well as revising and maintaining unit operating procedures. His first assignment in this Job Instruction Trainer (JIT) role was to revise and reissue the unit operating procedures to comply with Process Safety Management (PSM) standards and ISO 9000 Quality standards. He began to serve as an Internal ISO auditor to not only learn more about ISO standards but to share his experience and knowledge of best practices. During his time as JIT, he often worked as a temporary supervisor leading other operators during turnarounds as well as when the unit was in operation. After 13 years as JIT, Mike accepted the Production Specialist position. This role is defined as the unit Subject Matter Expert (SME). Some of his responsibilities were to monitor day to day operation of the unit and help to resolve any issues, serve as SME on project and improvement teams and serve as backup to the unit supervisor. He also made operator work schedules as well as ensured operators remained current with required training. Mike was a major contributor to ensuring that changes to the process or equipment were properly evaluated, documented, planned and implemented.
The Manufacturing Excellence group was created, and Mike was chosen to be the Manufacturing Excellence Specialist. There he utilized his knowledge and skills to coordinate and implement improvements across the site, as well as ensuring compliance to PSM and ISO standards. Additionally, serving as mentor to the site JIT’s. Mike has since been promoted to Manufacturing Excellence Coordinator with added responsibilities related to site document control and administration of work permit and operator rounds software and programs. He has revived the site operator co-op program and is championing process technology operations by serving on five area process technology advisory committees, the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) Endorsement Committee and coordinating improvements to onboarding and operator training.